Interacting with Planning Center

Thank you for volunteering to serve at Grace Pointe Church. We organize our volunteer schedule through the Services application. Usually, we will send you an email once a month, showing you all the dates you are scheduled to volunteer the following month (for instance, an email in May showing all dates you’re scheduled to serve in June).

Please respond to emails quickly so we have ample time to find you a replacement if you cannot serve. If you’ve already trained someone to serve in your place, you can let us know when you decline the assignment. When you click “decline,” you will see a form like this:

See below for a sample of the email you should expect each month and how you can respond to it. We’re so thankful for your service to the church! If you ever have questions for us about a volunteer assignment, you can email us at

Downloading the App is Easiest

The eastiest way to get role assignments, respond to them, view your schedule, and see who’s on your team is through the Services app for your iPhone or Android. Choose your operating system

Sample Email You Should Expect to Receive