We take our responsibility seriously to support you and co-disciple your children with you, as you share the opportunity with us. Our Grace Pointe Kids classes provide weekly teaching in a safe, secure environment with fully background-checked and vetted volunteers. We secure each room with a check-in/check-out system that allows you to check-in your kids each week and receive a ticket you can use to pick them up after service. Please visit the Grace Pointe Kids welcome kiosk each week to check your children in before service begins.

  • Children in grades K-5 worship with us for the first half of our service and then move to our children’s ministry area to engage in Bible classes designed for their age level.
  • Children from newborns to preschool have a separate area in which they spend the whole service being cared for and taught by our certified leaders. You can check them in as early as 9:40 am each week.

Remember, all children attending our Grace Pointe Kids ministry must be checked in to get their name tag before service begins. High school and middle school students join us for worship the entire service.

How the home and the church partner to disciple children…

Parent’s Role

A parent’s role in their child’s spiritual upbringing is irreplaceable. Parents are given the directive to

Bring [children] up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.
Ephesians 6:4

Thus, we believe that parents have some clear responsibilities in raising their children:

    1. To teach their children about God
    2. To model the Gospel
    3. To participate in biblical community and involve children as their age and maturity allow

The Church’s Role

Our priority is to help parents fulfill these responsibilities. We aim to do that through:

    1. Creating a safe, nurturing environment during Sunday morning services where your child can learn about God
    2. Selecting a Gospel-driven, developmentally appropriate curriculum for each classroom
    3. Facilitating your young child’s participation in age-appropriate biblical community with their peers and teachers each Sunday morning
    4. Praying for you and your family regularly
    5. Supporting you with tools, resources, and workshops to help you grow as parents in the Lord

The 4 Pods of Grace Point Kids

The Seed Pod

Infants and Toddlers

Planting the seeds of faith…

The goal of this area is to create an environment of nurturing and love for the first seeds of the Gospel to be planted. The children who attend will be given the opportunity to hear God’s Word through the use of Truth78’s “A Sure Foundation” curriculum. Children listen to short stories from the Old and New Testaments for two-week blocks, helping to deepen their understanding and grow familiarity with some key biblical concepts:

  1. God made everything
  2. God is Big
  3. God is Good
  4. God Always Wins
  5. There is Only One God
  6. God Knows Everything
  7. God is Everywhere

We reinforce God’s love through fun worship and interactive play with other children.

The Sprout Pod


Roots of faith start to develop and spread…

The goal of the Sprout Pod is to expose your preschooler to the message of the Gospel. We encourage them to understand God’s love for them and that they can have a personal relationship with God by praying, worshiping, and showing love to others. We demonstrate these disciplines in class and model God’s love toward our teammates and the children.

Children in this pod will experience the Gospel Project’s Preschool Curriculum. Children will participate in a short lesson focused on deepening their understanding of God and his unique characteristics. They will hear stories from both the Old and New Testament, participate in meaningful centers and activities, and enjoy prayer and snack each Sunday.

The Shoot Pod

Lower Elementry

Faith grows upward and outward as a children’s faith blossoms…

The Shoots Pod is an environment designed to solidify a strong biblical foundation. In this pod, students work to understand the big picture of the bible, learn how to read and use their bibles, and to memorize scripture so it becomes part of their DNA.

The Fruit Pod

Upper Elementary

As faith matures each life bears fruit…

The Fruit Pod is built with the aim to prepare our children to transition from the children’s ministry into the service for worship. This room’s curriculum is selected with an aim to encourage discourse, to push children’s constructs of God, and to teach to a deep level on even the most abstract of concepts- such as God’s providence, God’s covenants and promises, the Trinity, and God’s design for His creation.