Our conviction about relationships between local churches…

We do not believe churches should isolate from one another. Rather, they should talk, love one another, and when possible or necessary, partner together. If Scripture commands the individuals within local churches to “bear one another’s burdens” (Galatians 6:2), why would local churches not do the same for one another?

“For this is the message that you have heard from the beginning, that we should love one another.” — 1 John 3:11

Strategic Partnership, compared to mere Association

It is good and biblical for churches to associate with one another, while maintaining their autonomy and distinctiveness. For instance, here in St. Cloud many churches associate when we gather together to worship at One Church One Service. We associate when our pastors meet for the monthly Lead Pastor’s lunch. Associate acknowledges our kingdom commonness and comradery!

While it is good and biblical for churches to partner—pooling their time and or resources toward a common goal—it is not always possible or necessary. For instance, one local church may feel directed by God to give money to support missionaries on the ground in Thailand, whereas another local church may feel directed by God to give more money to local outreach ministries in its own community.

Then, there are times we can partner in such a way as to be mutually beneficial for both churches, for the Kingdom of Christ, and for the community.

When we think about subleasing our facility to another ministry, we have more than mere association in mind!

Strategic Partnership through tenancy…

Grace Pointe presently holds a lease on property located at 29 East 13th Street, Saint Cloud, Fl 34772.

We desire to partner with another local church, building a relationship through tenancy that mutually strengthens both Grace Pointe and our tenants.

Tenancy (noun): possession of land or property as a tenant.

We desire to do more than merely bless another local church with a dependable facility in which to meet. Our vision for partnership is strategic!

Our desire is to take another church “under our wing” and provide guidance and mentorship, so that if that church should ever launch out of our facility and onward to its next chapter, it will be stronger than when our partnership began!

We desire to provide any help you would be willing to receive! Our ideas include:

  • Leadership training, including pastor-to-pastor mentoring and/or elder-board development
  • Preaching training to those in your congregation who feel called to serve in a Pastoral preaching capacity
  • Job shadowing opportunities with our key leaders (on Sundays or otherwise) who may be able to provide guidance so you can strengthen your ministries

As much as we anticipate serving you, we know there will be many ways in which we will learn from you, too!

Who are you partnering with?

In such a partnership, you would be closely associating with Grace Pointe Church, and therefore we want you to know exactly who we are.

In partnering and closely associating with one another, both churches should have confidence that association would only strengthen the reputation of each church in the community.

Here are some documents that can help you get to know us:

  1. Statement of Faith
  2. Statement on Biblical Inerrancy and Interpretation
  3. Statement on Marriage and Sexuality
  4. Statement on Ethnic Harmony
  5. Excerpts from Grace Pointe Bylaws Concerning the Offices of Elder and Deacon
  6. Philosophy of Preaching

Who are we partnering with?

As well as sharing with you who we are, we want to learn about you! We have a form you can complete so we can begin exploring a possible Strategic Partnership through Tenancy.

Email questions to strategicpartnership@gracepointestcloud.com.