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As a volunteer who works with minors, I am a mandatory report for abuse or signs of abuse.

The most important topic covered in the orientation video was:

How are ratios determined? (choose all that apply)

All ministries that serve minors are bound by "ratios" concerning how many minors may be under the oversight of a single adult. Ratios are in place for the safety of children, adults, and the church and should be followed as closely as possible.

I understand it is important I respond to the volunteer assignment email each month, because (check all that apply):

Each month all volunteers receive an emailed containing a list of the Sundays they're scheduled to volunteer. Each month all volunteers must follow the instructions in the email to accept or decline those Sundays.

At least ____ adults must be present at all times in any room with minors, regardless of the reason.

In keeping with the vision of Grace Pointe Church, all ministries to minors teach the bible so that children might devote their lives to pursuing the 4 Pursuits. What are the 4 Pursuits?

To continue volunteering with minors, I must be background checked every ____ years at a minimum.

In children's and student ministry, we are supporting the overall vision of Grace Pointe by "__________ more and better disciples of Jesus Christ, together."

When a safety or disciplinary incident occurs during a ministry event, what steps are required of you as a volunteer? (check all that apply)

(Remember some of these may be the responsibility of the ministry director/leader. Only check the ones that you are personally responsible for as a volunteer.)